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Ada Bunker Rice on horse May Ann

Addie Stanley Duren family Photo Album 42 tintypes

Aerial photo by A. D. Phillips. (Circa 1962-1967)

Aerial view of Great Cranberry with Sutton and Manset 1944

Alice White by Lucille's house

Alta (Spurling) Bunker

Ambrotype: perhaps Preble's second wife, Jane Matilda Hadlock Sanford Preble

Ambrotype portrait two unidentified women in black

Andrew Alley

Andrew Alley and Joshie Alley

Andy Storey photograph

Annie Bunker's funeral

Arthur Bunker

Arthur Bunker Air Force photo

Arvard Savage

Augusta Birlem


Back from deep sea fishing 1958

Barbara Stainton with little girls

Bayview Farm photographs

Bea Weinreich quilting

Beal and Bunker Dock with restaurant

Bear Island postcard

Beatrice Stanley

Becky and Nina Stanley

Becky Stanley

Bert Stanley 1921

Betty Hartley's 90th birthday

Bill and Myrtle with car

Blair Colby and his dog Alfred

Boat "Polly"

Boating to Matinicus or Monhegan

Boats at the ready in Northeast Harbor

Boats Philmore Peterson sailed

Boats TBD

Brooks and Reed family 1982

Brooks family 1982

Brooks house and Rome house ca. 1960

Bruce Komuskin

Building in the winter.

Bunker family photo

Bunker Family Photo Album tintypes

Burt Stanley's building

Buster Bunker


"Cap'n B"

Captain Charles "Pink" Stanley teaching knot tying to the Williams brothers

Captain William Henry Bulger (1845-1927) and wife Dena Bulger (1864-1923).

Carl & Barbara Brooks, Cranberry Isles 1977 or 1978

Carl and Barbara Brooks and Wilbur Reed ca. 1977

Carl and Betty Hardy

Carl Brooks, Ruth Reed, Barbara Brooks 1958

Carl Hardy, Jr.

Carl Hardy, Jr. 1940

Carl Hardy Jr. photograph

Carl Hardy, Sr.

Carl Hardy, Sr., Carl Hardy, Jr., Hazel Hardy

Carl Nelson and Alice White (2)

Carl Nelson with white beard 1956

Carl Strandberg

Cathy Siemen July 1956

Cathy Siemen, Nathan Rome, David Rome, Jud Reed 1956

Charles Emery "Peter" Boynton Richardson and John Billings Steele, Jr.

Charles Emery "Peter" Richardson in The Pool

Charles "Pink" Stanley and Eliza Stanley

Charles Rice and Doc Haydock (2)

Charles Rice at Cranberry Isle Boatyard

Charles Rice rowing

Charles Wadsworth in his art studio

Chet and Marion's dog, Bambi

Children at an event

Children at church

Children at party 1987

Children at school (4)

Children in a play

Children in Christmas play

Children singing (2)

Christmas church service 1989

Christmas Eve 1990 photos in church

Christmas event

Christmas postcard (2)

Church Christmas program

Civil War veterans - four men including Joseph Howard Preble

Clara and Andrew "Arnie" Alley, Richard "Chuddy", Harold, and Harry

Clara and Carl Wedge family photos

Clara and Karl Wedge

Classroom photo

Cleaves family reunion and Mark Cleaves

Coastal View from Murch house

Collage of dog photos by Susan White ca. 2010

Collection of Photographs of CI and people

Collection of photos of concerts at various places on Cranberry Isles

Collection of photos of Cranberry Isles scenes and people

Collection of Postcards

Collection of scans of photos from Spurling or Phippen houses

Connecticut Chamber Orchestra photo (Bloom)

Copy of a photo of Sammy Sanford

Copy of portrait of Samuel Hadlock, Jr,

Cranberry Club House circa 1910

Cranberry Cove Restaurant

Cranberry Cove restaurant view

Cranberry General Store visitors

Cranberry Island Harbor

Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1956 (3)

Cranberry Isles, Maine picture - circa 1958

Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956 (16)

Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation July 1958

Cranberry Isles Parsonage

Cranberry Isles School Photo ca. 1910

Cranberry Isles School students

Cranberry Isles school students with teacher

Cranberry Isles vintage postcards

Cranberry Isles visit 1970 (11)

Cranberry Road

Cranberry Road houses and Mailboat "Bobcat"

Cranberry Vessels and Shipbuilding exhibit materials


Dagurreotype photograph of William Pitt Preble ca.1850-1855

Description and scans of images of 1850s wet-plate postive photographs

Digital copies of Wesley Bracy, Jr. scuba diving slides 1970s-1980s

Digital photos of walk around circumference of GCI 2014

Dock in winter

Documents for Hodgson Camp House (Sheppard Cottage)

Dot Peterson

Dumont Neal Stanley

DVD of Photos by Pablo Ocampo


Eber Spurling

Ed and Jane Gray wedding

Ed Sampson and Carl Nelson

Edgar Bunker in military uniform

Edith Drury picnicking

Edith Rice Brackett

Edna Andrade

Edna Andrade and Wini Smart

Edna Andrade painting

Edna Andrade photograph

E.G.H. Brackett of Peaks Island Maine

Elisha Bunker, Hillard Hardy and Lucille Hardy

Elisha Bunker playing horseshoes

Ella Stanley

Ella Stanley postcard photo

Ellen Rice Savage

Ellen Rice Savage, Paul Tibbetts

Elva (Stanley) Lagoutte and Flora L. Stanley photographs

Elwood Spurling and Norman Wedge (?)

Emma Coffin

Emmy Bulger photograph

Enoch and Mae Stanley 1925

Enoch, Mac & Nina Stanley 1922

Enoch Stanley

Enoch Stanley family portrait

Enoch Stanley, Mac, Nina, Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson, Mae Stanley 1923

Enoch Stanley, Nina Stanley (?)

Enoch Stanley, Nina Stanley, Hazel Stanley, Mac Stanley (2)

Envelope for Mrs. Benjamin Spurling

Eugene "Red" MacAllister


Father and children

Ferry Sea Queen, Bar Harbor Times 1994

Field Trip to Washington, D.C.

Firehouse Halloween party with IDs

First day of classes 1987

Former Lifesaving Station on southern end of Islesford, facing Baker Island.

Four generations of Bunker family

Francis and Carl Brooks playing croquet 1982

Friends of Hitty ladies with Bruce Komusin

Frozen harbor at Spurling Cove, Great Cranberry Island.


Gaile Colby with family and friends

Gathering at Gaile Colby's home

Gathering of children

GCI Church photos

GCI house in winter

GCI people

GCI Playground Construction 1985

George and Arvard Savage with horse and boats

George and Sam Gilley haying

German postcard (4)

German postcard 1915

Graduation of Leslie Spurling 1958

Grandmother Hamor age 83

Great Cranberry houses with annotations

Great Cranberry Island children

Great Cranberry Island Church at Easter

Great Cranberry Island people and places lot of 33 black & white photos

Great Hall at Stratford Hall


Halloween 1986

Halloween at the Fire Hall

Halloween costumes

Hamor brothers photo

Hamor family photographs

Hamor family photos

Hamor family photos and postcards

Hannah Gray and Ellen Savage

Hannah Gray at school

Harding Point Road Residents ca. 1947

Harold Alley harpooner (2)

Harold and Lena Stanley Photograph

Harold Hartley and Douglas Macfarlan emergency 1957

Harpooner Harold Alley (2)

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson photo

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson's photos

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson (2)

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson (?) 1943

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson 1962

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson and Kitty Peterson

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson and Paul Peterson

Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson and Paul Peterson?

Hazel Brooks Stanley photo album

Hazel Hardy, Ina Stanley, Beatrice Stanley, Russell Bunker 1916

Hazel Peterson memorabilia

Hazel Peterson with Dog

Hazel Peterson with Women's Army Corps (WAC) training class

Hazel Stanley Petersen in uniform

Hazel Stanley Peterson

Hazel Stanley Peterson in uniform

Hazel Stanley Peterson photo copies

Hazel Stanley Peterson photo wallet

Hebron Academy/Steele family photos

Helen S. and Leaner Stanley

Helen Stanley 1945

Heliker (Lew Stanley) wharf and boat sheds

Heliker-LaHotan dock

Henry and Alta Bunker photos

Herring boat 1958

Hilda Spurling in the post office

Hilda Spurling working at the post office

Hillard Hamor (possibly) photo

House on GCI

Houses on GCI

Hundreds of digital photographs compiled by Bruce Komusin


Ice Breaker in 1918

Ice on boat hulls

Infant Barbara Isabelle

Island people and games

Islesford Coast Guard Station lifesavers

Islesford Dock Restaurant postcard

Islesford scenes


Janice and Lorraine MacAllister

Jimmy Storey's house

John and Sadie Hamor photo

Jordan Pond postcard

Joy Bungalow

Jud Reed? - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956

Jud Reed and Siemen girls 1956

July 4th celebration at Westphal house


Karl and Oscar Wedge

Karl Wedge and Herman Savage boats

Karl Wedge and Morris Alley

Karl Wedge in truck

Kitty Peterson (3)

Kitty Peterson in the snow

Kitty Peterson Nelson 1958


Ladies Aid and Historical Society Events 2000

Ladies Aid Fair 1965

Ladies Aid Fair 2000

Landing Craft unknown

Lew Stanley with basket

Lindon "Tud" Bunker and Michael J. (Mickey) Macfarlan

Lindsay Savage, Terry Savage and Paul Tibbetts

Little Beatrice

Lobster Logo for Crantini Party

Longfellow Elementary school photo 1989-1990

Longfellow School children

Longfellow School GCI ca. 1940

Longfellow School house GCI

Longfellow School Ms. Lobkowicz's Class 1988-1989

Longfellow School photo ca. 1910

Longfellow School photos

Longfellow School students 1944

Longfellow School-Washington, D.C. field trip

Looking Across the Pool toward Dog Point

Lou [Lewis] Stanley? 1943

Lou [Lewis] Stanley's boat 1935

Louise Marr family photos

Louise Marr photographs of houses

Louise Marr photos

Louise Marr relatives and friends, portraits (1 of 4)

Louise Marr relatives and friends portraits (Group 2 of 4)

Louise Marr relatives and friends portraits (Group 3 of 4)

Louise Marr relatives and friends portraits (Group 4 of 4)

Louise Sorensen? on front porch 1968

Lucille Hardy & Baby

Lyn Colby with Keith and Lyn

Lynn Colby Photograph


Mabel Stanley & Louise "Babe" Stanley

Mac, Nina and Hazel Stanley

Mac, Nina, Hazel "Brooke" "Snooks" (Stanley) Peterson & Enoch Stanley 1922

Macfarlan and Freeman family photos

Macfarlan/Preble house renovation

Macfarlan's house at Christmas time

Mae Stanley, Mary Sargent 1945

Mail Boat breaking Ice

Maine postcard scenes

Malcolm Stanley (?) and a child (2)

Margie Phippen with son Shirley Phippen

Marilyn Fredrickson at quilt raffle

Marilyn Fredrickson at the fair

Marjorie Phippen working at Post Office

Marnie Harding photograph

Maynard Murch and Mr. Dale on board Sudron

Maynard Murch on board the Sudron

Men at Clifton Dock

Mildred Wedge photo

Miss Katherine Ambrosaic

Mollie E. Spurling

Moorfield Storey family photographs

Morris Alley

Mountain View Inn (Right)

Moving Cap Kaine's house from The Lane to Cranberry Road

Mrs. Benjamin Spurling with four grandchildren

Mrs. Del Harding with her children

Mrs. Hazel Peterson Cranberry Club 1966

Mrs. Spurling, Ruth Reed, Jud Reed, Siemens, Romes 1958

Museum opening day photos

Myrtle with car


Nathan Rome, Ruth Reed, Jud Reed 1956

Nathan Rome with large cod 1958

Negative and print of Lewis Stanley boatyard in winter

none (34)

Norman and Herman Savage and Karl Wedge boats

Northeast Harbor marina


Old view of Cranberry Road

Oscar Krantz and son Emory 1940

Outdoor concert on Cranberry Island 1987


Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson (?)

Paul Peterson (?) and children

Paul Peterson and Hazel (Stanley) Peterson

Paul Peterson infant (2)

People and Boats on GCI

People and scenes Cranberry Isles

Philmore Peterson

Philmore Peterson and woodpile

Philmore Peterson at Northeast Harbor Dock

Philmore Peterson at Rock End Dock

Phippen family photographs

Photo 2 unknown men - one in Sailor uniform and other man in unknown uniform

Photo album: late 19th-early 20th c photographs and cards

Photo Album of a Snowy Day on Cranberry Island

Photo album of Addie Duren

Photo album with school students and projects

Photo album with tintypes, cabinet cards, and portrait photos

Photo black & white Cranberry Isles 3 women

Photo black & white Great Cranberry Island dock with 3 people

Photo black & white unknown man with spectacular mustache

Photo black & white unknown woman "A friend of Rex"

Photo black & white unknown women in automobile (personal note on back of photo)

Photo collection from Mickey Macfarlan

Photo color Annie Alley Birthday Party Oct. 5

Photo Cranberry Isles children in church

Photo Cranberry Isles school children in costumes

Photo Lindon H. 'Tud' Bunker on Matinicus

Photo of a young girl!

Photo of Alice White

Photo of Arthur Bunker by Dick Berggren

Photo of boat Idlesse

Photo of Carl Nelson

Photo of Edgar White

Photo of Elva (Lagoutte)

Photo of Elva Lagoutte

Photo of Harold "Harry" Alley

Photo of Harold Wedge, Tud Bunker, Elwood Spurling, and Alton Bunker

Photo of Ma, Elva (Lagoutte), and Gram

Photo of man with baby

Photo of Renna S. Colby

Photo of Richie Stanley and harbor views

Photo of Robert Bloom

Photo of Sam Chapman

Photo of school children

Photo of school children with teacher ca. 1904

Photo of the ferry Restless

Photo of two unknown men

Photo old Fish Point Pier color

Photo, Robert Bloom, Sara Bloom, James Storey, Marilyn Neuman

Photo unidentified people and place

Photo unknown vessel in color (faded)

Photo, Wilbur Reed ca 1977

Photograph: Abigail Cobb Hadlock Spurling Preble

Photograph albums Marr family

Photograph of a Sailboat.

Photograph of Abigail Cobb Hadlock Spurling Preble

Photograph of Carrie M. Richardson

Photograph of Emma Birlem.

Photograph of Mabel Stanley "Gran"

Photograph of Mary Teel Pratt

Photograph of Mrs. Muir, school teacher Longfellow School

Photograph of Samuel Sanford

Photograph of unknown man with lobsters

Photographs: Cranberry Road houses and Preble Cove 1974 Kodak Prints

Photographs: Islesford Beach, herring catchers, sunbeam, hamor pool and redrocks

Photographs of Bert Stanley and Eber Spurling

Photographs of dory, schooner, and steamer boats

Photographs of George and Althea Savage and Benny Bulger

Photographs of island scenes and people from Towns family 1940s, 1950s, and 1960-70s

Photographs of islanders

Photographs of Lea family and house Leaway/The Ways

Photographs of Sheldon Goldthwaite, his brother, Lena Wallace, and an unnamed man.

Photographs of unidentified people

Photographs of young Hillard and Shirley Hamor

Photographs, postcards, and letters from Hazel Stanley Peterson memorabilia

Photographs Sara and Robert Bloom

Photos: 19th-c tintypes, photo pin, paper photo

Photos and clippings from Addie Duren

Photos and telephone books.

Photos, autographs, and sentiments 1885-1887

Photos (color slides) of winter on GCI, hunting, field burning, ice fishing 1960s

Photos from Macfarlan family album 1940s-1950s

Photos of a dirigible and boats

Photos of a GCI party

Photos of An Evening with Rachel Field

Photos of animals

Photos of boats and shore

Photos of Carl Nelson Day

Photos of Clarence Beal

Photos of Florida

Photos of GCI people and places

Photos of Great Cranberry

Photos of Harding, Bulger, and Stanley families

Photos of Hilda and Elmer Spurling

Photos of Islanders

Photos of islanders dancing and playing horseshoes

Photos of islanders early 1900s

Photos of Keith Wedge, Sr. asleep under Macfarlan's woodstove

Photos of Lindon H. 'Tud' Bunker

Photos of Lloyd and Rachel Hayes

Photos of Louise Marr

Photos of McSorley family and friends

Photos of Phippen children and others

Photos of Phippen friends

Photos of places , duck hunt, and whale on GCI

Photos of summer people

Photos of Tiffany Tate's family

Photos of Winslow Bunker (1912-1992) and family

Photos of winter of 1965

Picnic of trustees of the Arcady Music Festival,

Picnic on Baker Island (2)

Picture of Adelina Patti

Picture of Barbara

Polly or Ada Bunker in Florida

Polly Storey photograph

Port Hole Restaurant 1960

Portrait of Mary Ann Carroll (1835-1926)

Portrait of person in green jacket (perhaps Charles Gott)

Portrait of Samuel Hadlock, Jr.

Portrait of unknown man and woman

Possible portrait of "the Prussian Lady"

Postcard - exhibition of Emily Nelligan

Postcard from Germany

Postcard from Rachel Field

Postcard of Preble house 1947

Postcard ofSspurling Cove

Postcard photo of houses

Postcard to Mrs. Benjamin Spurling

Postcard view of Stanley dock

Postcards 3 different views Great Cranberry Island black & white Congregational Church, mountain view, town dock

Postcards of the Hamor House

Postcards to Addie Duren

Preble cove and surf photographs

Preble Cove at sunset

Print, "A Playful Mood - on Maine Coast"

Prints, photographs, oral histories for GCI Portrait Project 2009


Quilting at the Ladies Aide.

Quilts and quilting photos


Rachel Fields - Photograph, booklet, and Magazine review.

Raymond Bunker and family

Rear view of Preble House with William Pitt Preble and two women

Reeds and Romes back from deep sea fishing 1958

Rice family photos and note

Rock End Fleet Dock Northeast Harbor 1939

Rooster Club photos

Royal "Tinker" Colby with Annie Alley and others

Ruth Alley

Ruth and Wilbur Reed at Great Head 1968

Ruth Reed & Barbara Brooks Cranberry Isles 1977 or 1978

Ruth Reed - Cranberry Isles October 1977 or 1978

Ruth Reed and Barbara Brooks near Saltenstall's house 1977

Ruth Reed at Sorensen's house 1968

Ruth Reed? ca. 1958

Ruth Reed Cranberry Isle visit 1977 or 1978

Ruth Reed on porch Saltenstall's house 1978

Ruth Reed, unidentified girl and Mrs. Spurling 1956 (2)


Saddie Anna Harding

Sailboat race

Sailboats at GCI 1943

Sailboats in Western Way 1982 (2)

Sam and Cora Chapman on stoop

Sam Chapman on Fair Day 1965

Sammy Sanford's Cabin

Sammy Sanford's cabin

Samuel Sanford and Captain Hadlock

Sanford cabin illustration

Scan of card Rachel Field & Arthur Pederson with inscription

Scan of Volunteer Fire Department members ca. 1951 -1953

Scans of seven large-format slides by Michael Macfarlan 1955

Scans of slides from Charles 'Chip' Sheppard 1940s-1950s

School children

School children 1987

School children in costume

School children in costumes

School children on new playground

School children perhaps on field trip

School photo ca. 1892

School photo 1892

School photo ca. 1890

School photo, probably Halloween

School students with teacher

School trip to Washington, D.C.

Schooner perhaps in Spurling Cove

Scrapbook for Ralph Preston Bulger from mother 1893

Seagull in flight

Seth Rich in boat

Shark attack

Shark hanging at GCI dock

Sheep shearing day

Sherry Sanborn and Norman

Sidney Hamor Bunker and Julia Bunker Spurling

Slides ca. 1940, 1960-70s from Towns family

"Smarts Drug Store" (2)

Smoky Marie Colby

Sonja, Kevin, Karla, Keith and Russell Wedge

Southwest Harbor from GCI 1940

Spurling Cove 1940

Spurling Cove frozen over

Spurling Cove postcard

Stanley and Klausky family photos

Stereoscope viewer (a.k.a. Stereopticon viewer) 1901

Stereoview photographs

Steve Spurling

Steve Spurling in WWII uniform

Storey House: Enoch, Mac, Nina, and Hazel Stanley

Storm clouds above the Island Queen

Street Scene and Church - Cranberry Isles, Maine

Studio photo black & white, matted 2 young girls

Summer of 1938

Sunset over the Western Way

Sutton Island 1940


Teacher with students

Teacher with students 1987

The Bloom Property

The "Cheri & Norm"

The Haskels at Gray wedding

The Island Queen vessel 1970

The Mary A - Harold Alley's boat

The Pool GCI

The Rices at Church

Thirty-two pound lobster and other photos

Tinker Colby at the boatyard

Tintype photograph of a Hamor woman

Tintype photographs of unidentified people

Tintype photos unknown young man and woman

Tintype portrait: Woman in plaid dress with broach

Tintype portraits of unidentified individuals

Tintype: two young unidentified women in black

Tintypes and other photographs and an old photo album

Town Dock 1958

Town Dock Great Cranberry

Town Road, Great Cranberry Island 1940

Towns Family Slides

Tud Bunker and Charles Rice

Tud Bunker in hunting outfit

Tud Bunker photo list

Two Christmas cards - Mabel A. Mayhen

Two unidentified little girls

Two-masted ship Priscilla


Uncle Bert Stanley

Unidentified baby sitting in wicker chair

Unidentified boy

Unidentified cabinet card

Unidentified child with hat in church

Unidentified family photo

Unidentified house

Unidentified house with family

Unidentified man (3)

Unidentified man and woman

Unidentified man in military uniform

Unidentified people

Unidentified toddler child

Unidentified woman (9)

Unidentified young woman

Unknown house

Unknown people 1938


Valentines Day 1987 at school

Valentines Day at school

Valentines Day at school 1987

Valentine's party at the Ladies Aide.

Velma Teel and Hazel Peterson in 1963

Victor White (?) 1943 (2)

Victor White on board boat

Victor Whites old shed and boat

View from Thunder Hole 1958

View from Thunder Hole MDI 1958

Volunteers gather at the new playground Longfellow School


"Waddy"-Charles Wadsworth (2)

Wallet with photos

Walter Eversman photograph

Westphal 2003 4th of July party (2)

Westphal 4th of July Party.

Westphal 4th of July Party (3)

Westphal July 4 celebration (2)

Westphal4th of July Party.

Westphal's July 4th party

Wilbur and Carl Brooks on Saltenstall's porch 1977

Wilbur and Ruth Reed picking cranberries 1982

Wilbur Reed - Cranberry Isles, Maine vacation - July 1956 (3)

Wilbur Reed and Carl Brooks near Saltenstall's house 1977

Wilbur Reed with Patsy Brooks on Town Dock 1982

Wildfred Bunker and Norma Hewing

Wilfred Bunker and Clarence Beal aboard the Silas McClune

William "Billy" Spurling

William Goldberg

William Pitt Preble's Extended Family Photograph Album

William, Wilder, Philmore Peterson

William, Wilder Stanley and Philmore Peterson

Windjammer postcard with message

Winnie Beal and Leroy Alley

Winslow Bunker

Winslow Bunker collection of photos.

Winter Harbor Lighthouse on Bear Island 1970

Winter scene

Women rowing

Women's Army Corps (WAC) Training - Hazel Peterson